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It's only three episodes in, but "Riding Shotgun: Kyle Busch" is fast becoming my favorite non-race NASCAR show ever. (It's already better than Fontana.) The wacky adventures of Kyle and his fiancee Samantha Sarcinella are fodder for a whole year's worth of episodes, but we've only got five. So we'll have to content ourselves with moments like this one, from Wednesday night.

Kyle and Sam were walking through Times Square when a woman (billed below as "Lady") challenged Sam with an unmistakeable call-out:

I really, really hope I don't have to tell you what "mine" refers to. But how did Sam respond?

Hey, at least she's honest. But who, pray tell, would make such a crass observation? What woman would be so enamored with her own stature that she would call out the beauteous Ms. Sarcinella? Fortunately, the camera showed us ...

Oh. Uh ... hmm. Well, look at it this way — at least her hair matches Kyle's paint scheme. Your move, Sam.

[Update: The "lady" is apparently Sandy Kane, an occasional guest on the always-funny Opie and Anthony show. That's terrific!]

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