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Thought that Kyle Busch-David Reutimann feud from Kansas was over? Think again. In his Friday press conference at Fontana, Busch hammered home how little respect he has for what Reutimann did to him.

In the press conference, the full audio of which is below, the questioning remained focused primarily on the 00/18 dustup. Though there was the occasional standard Talladega-is-a-wild-card question, most inquiries centered around the incident, which knocked Busch back from a potential top-5 finish to 21st, and leaving him deep in a Chase hole. As Busch noted, he lost a potential 60 points from Reutimann's actions.

"Instead of chasing, having to come from behind ... we've got to win or finish second or third" in order to have a chance at the Cup now, he said.

Busch noted that he knew retaliation was coming because Reutimann brake-checked him prior to spinning him. Even so, he couldn't believe Reutimann actually went through with it.

"I race guys how they race me, and I've always gotten raced really, really hard against David Reutimann," Busch said. "And I've gotten no room, no slack, no nothing. I had the opportunity to pass him at lap 30 in the race, and he raced me so hard, it lost me two spots. So I backed off and said, 'You know what? Not the time in the race to do this. No big deal. I'll get him back later.' And then the next time I got back to him was lap 50, and I didn't cut him any slack. I got into him, which was my fault – not meaning to – but why would I apologize to a guy who races me like an [expletive] every week, you know?" [That last line didn't make it into the official transcript, unsurprisingly.]

Busch has earned no sympathy from his complaining through the years, and this is a case where any point he might have made won't even get a listen from much of NASCAR's audience. To his credit, he didn't say that Chasers should get special treatment; he relied on his race-'em-like-they-race-you mantra. 

The full audio is below. The deleted, anatomically descriptive word above is in here at about the 9:15 mark, so bear that in mind if you're at work:

Kyle Busch tees off on David Reutimann at Auto Club Speedway

Take a listen, and forget for a second that it's Kyle Busch. If it's, say, Jeff Burton saying these things, does that change your perspective?

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