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Last year, Denny Hamlin came within half a race of winning the Sprint Cup after early-season surgery on a busted knee. Kasey Kahne can only hope the same success comes his way.

Two days after the 2010 season ended, Kahne had surgery on his right knee, but in February, he reinjured it. And he played hurt ever since, right up until last Monday, when he got it repaired in advance of the off week.

"I finished a workout and I slipped off the bench and my feet kind of gave out," Kahne said in a press conference on Friday at Richmond. "It just happened and I laid there for about five minutes, and then the last two months I've hoped that it would get better and it didn't so I got it checked again and I had blown basically the stitches that held it together that they fixed the first time."

The pain on the unrepaired knee was intense, particularly at short tracks and in the wake of wrecks at Martinsville and Talladega. "You should have seen me at Bristol," Kahne said. "I couldn't walk for like 10 minutes after the race. It feels better than all that now. It's only been a week ... and it already feels better."

Kahne currently sits 18th in the Sprint Cup points, and could use any kind of boost to get himself back in the hunt for the Chase. And if Kahne does go on a hot streak, expect other drivers to start digging around in their own knees too. Hey, whatever works.

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