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Kurt Busch and crew chief Steve Addington compare notes on something. I say it's fantasy football. How about you?

After the jump, Brad Keselowski gets targeted.

The debut of ESPN's "Here's the Car" arrow will rival the Fox Glowing Puck in sports broadcasting legend.

Having an unfair disadvantage, the gas men are always the first 2 tagged in pit row freeze tag.

Keselowski will be expecting a fine and a docking of 150 points due to the fact that his arrow is sixty thousandths of an inch from being pointy.

And the mysteriously named "Y" is this week's didn't-get-the-joke guy:
"Who cares! Looks to be like the aurthor just couldn't come up with anything else to put in the place of this story. Ran out of drivers and owners to ask about their opinion on the fined imposed on the 33 car. Tomorrow's question how do you feel about the appeals board upholding the fine issued to the 33 car. Can't comment on that, Kevin Harvick may chase me down and wreck my car."

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