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Apparently the Father Flanagan approach didn't work with Ultimate Fighter 8 villian Junie Allen Browning. Browning, 24, has been training in Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture since the end of his stint on the UFC's reality show. He seemed to have pulled his life together after it appeared he had emotional problems and issues with alcohol during the taping of the show. Things came unraveled last night in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that Browning was taken to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nevada where he was treated for taking:

16 pills of Klonopin, an anti-anxiety drug, in an attempt to harm himself [Henderson] police stated in Browning's arrest report.

Browning then became belligerent:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter tried to leave and became angry, pushing a female nurse, punching a male nurse and kicking another male nurse, the report states.

He also verbally threatened the health care providers:

"Do you know who I am? I will kill you and rape your family," police said he yelled to nurses.

Much of Browning's behavior during TUF 8 was thought to be an act to garner more face time. That's what several castmates said and Browning hinted at himself. Browning had repeated incidents of trying to fight castmates. He also threw a glass at another fighter. UFC president Dana White, who previously employed a no-tolerance policy for such behavior, allowed Browning to stay on the show. Weeks later, Browning lost to the eventual TUF 8 champion Efrain Escudero.

White thought he was saving Browning while others thought he was simply being an enabler and that the fighter should've been booted. Others said the show has run its course and was becoming an embarrassment for the promotion.

It'll be interesting to see what the UFC does with Browning. This incident does bear some resemblance to the Quinton Jackson's driving rampage in Southern California last July. Jackson was said to have suffered from delirium. He was arrested at gunpoint and spent time in a mental ward. Jackson was welcomed back with open arms. Jackson is the former UFC light heavyweight champion while Browning is a 1-1 prospect with the promotion.

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