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Aw, remember when these two were just some light heavyweights, trying to make their way in the world of the UFC? Before they were sworn enemies? Before Rampage got so angry at Rashad that he did this? We will get to see plenty of Rampage/Rashad hijinks starting Wednesday evening with the debut of the tenth season of "The Ultimate Fighter," but in the meantime, take a shot at a caption in the comments. Read on for winners of the previous Create-a-caption.

First place: Big Country gives a whole new meaning to the term ROUND ONE. -- Allen

Second place: "I eat because I kick ass, I kick ass because I eat. Its a vicious cycle." -- PM

Third place: That's the last time I do a training camp next to a Dunkin' Donuts.  -- alex

Honorable mention: Convinced by his recent contract signing, Roy decides to try the new Andre Smith Diet and Workout Plan. -- JerBear50

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