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"Entertainment Tonight" has the first polished scenes we've seen of the upcoming "Moneyball" movie and Hardball Talk's Aaron Gleeman says he's skeptical that this whole thing is going to work out.

Me? I can't get past my whole feeling — OK, my fervent hope — that Brad Pitt will break his Billy Beane character at some point and lapse into his Jeffrey Goines mental patient role from "12 Monkeys" and start spewing some lines that would also work in this film. You know, like "games, games, here's some games" or "do you know what crazy is ... crazy is majority rules" or "your information train is jammed, man!"

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think a Moneyball-Monkey mashup might be in order when the film's Sept. 23 release date nears ...

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