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In a video clip that goes from nerdy, to eerie, to hilarious, watch as the hosts of's "Fantasy 411" experience the earthquake that recently stunned the East Coast.

At first, watching three guys freak out on TV because their building in New York City was shaking made me uncomfortable, especially with the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 coming up. But once you realize that everyone would be OK — and that soon they'd return to analyzing the meaning of Jason Kubel's(notes) home-road OPS split — the creepiness melts away.

In fact, watching Mike Siano, Jeremy Brisiel (the super-freaked-out host in the middle) and Cory Schwartz try to make sense of what's going on is quite amusing.

(Warning: Includes two expletives that start with "holy"):

That's almost like something out of Ron Burgundy's b-roll. Now, the question is, what are the best lines uttered in the moments of near-panic?

Video: New York earthquake shakes up fantasy guys

There are many candidates, such as: "Is there a building shaking?" by Brisiel. Or, "Should we ... go somewhere?" also by Brisiel.

Schwartz tries to mount a comeback with: "Dude, that's an earthquake. ... I've been in two — that's an earthquake. ... This is what an earthquake is, guys."

Meanwhile, Siano keeps mostly silent, finally asking Brisiel "Are we good?"

Video: New York earthquake shakes up fantasy guys

As if he knows!

But this exchange wins:

Schwartz: "Did you know that most of Manhattan is built on landfill, not on granite?"

Brisiel: "Yes, I do know that."

Schwartz: "And if there were, like, an 8.0 earthquake, that parts of Manhattan would just disintegrate?"

Brisiel: "I did. I'd like to not ... worry about that right now."

Video: New York earthquake shakes up fantasy guys

Gallows humor is the best. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Physically, anyway.

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