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We already covered the lasting legend that Bobby Thomson created when he hit The Shot Heard 'Round The World in 1951. But as is the case with most men publicly associated with one iconic feat, there was also a lasting expectation of repetitive novelty.

With Thomson, who died on Monday, that fate appears to be playing along with Ralph Branca's chokehold whenever the two were around photographers who thought they were being enterprising and fresh.

There's more proof below, but let it be said that the relationship between the two was a friendly and profitable one. The joined-by-history duo autographed a lot of items together and Thomson's AP obit notes that Thomson and Branca hit the dinner circuit and became "a modern-day Abbott & Costello act, their retelling of the moment filled with fine-tuned comic touches and playful jabs." Why Don Rickles hasn't invited Kirk Gibson and Dennis Eckersley to do the same in some Las Vegas banquet hall is beyond me.

Branca, by the way, is still alive at age 84 and is also known for being Bobby Valentine's father-in-law. If anyone has a photo of him choking Bobby V., I'll update this post.  

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