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Last week, I posted the great video of Fenway Park security doing their best impersonation of Tedy Bruschi on a fan who decided to run on the field. The clip was Lesson #1 on why you should think twice about hurdling the wall for your very brief 15 seconds of fame.  However, this fan at last night's Rays-Red Sox apparently didn't see the clip — or perhaps he just had supreme faith in his foot speed.

Not only does this kid run make it all the way across the outfield —from  out of the right field stands and back into left field seats — he also displays an ability to separate that appears greater than that of Laurence Maroney. Are the Patriots done with all of their offseason acquisitions?

For what it's worth, the YouTube poster says the kid ran onto the field because a "a bunch of Lakers fans gave him $100." The Finals haven't even started yet, but already it's Celtics 1, Lakers 0.

After the jump, view the priceless AP photo of Larry Bird, Jr. turning on the afterburners.

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