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The onslaught of Bobby Cox retirement stories began on Wednesday with an Associated Press piece penned by Charles Odum. It contained all of the details (28 seasons, 15 division titles, five pennants and one World Series) that we'll see in each city's newspaper as the Braves roll into town this year. It also included a number of skeptical "I'll believe his retirement when I see it" quotes from guys like Tom Glavine(notes) and Chipper Jones(notes). All in all,  a solid article as Cox prepares for his final season as Braves manager.

The part that I found most interesting, though, came from Mike Scioscia in the last graf.  

"If you were going to make a Mount Rushmore of managers. Bobby's one of them."

I find this interesting because I really had never thought of Cox in those terms — the one World Series and his ability to stay in the background probably hurt him — and I can't decide if Scioscia's statement is a correct one.

If you go by the list of all-time wins, Cox would be included with 1,930 victories and would join the three guys in front of him — Connie Mack, John McGraw and Tony La Russa.

He'd also be in if you rightly attach a lot of importance to Atlanta's 14 straight division titles, which were achieved in the time of free agency.

But if you include Cox and La Russa, you also exclude Hall of Fame skips like Sparky Anderson, Casey Stengel, Joe McCarthy, Walter Alston and, maybe one day, Joe Torre. 

At any rate, this makes for a subjective and a potentially very entertaining debate. If they were building a managing Mount Rushmore, which four guys would you include?

Put your four selections and reasons for them in the comments below and if we get enough votes, we'll put together a mountain monument of our own. 

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