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The sublime beauty of golf is that it can bring together a collection of individuals you'd never see together in the wild. On Wednesday, Kenny G and NFL defensive end Jason Taylor, most recently of the New York Jets, teamed with a couple of legends: golf immortal Jack Nicklaus and Florida icon Tim Tebow.

And how did Tebow do? According to a Golfweek report, on the first hole, a 339-yard par-4, Tebow's monstrous first drive reached the green and finished across its far edge. Of course it did.

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Like everyone else who's ever come in contact with the majesty that is Tebow, Nicklaus was impressed, and talked about the NFL quarterback:


This being Florida, Gators fans lined the fairways, marking one of the few times that Nicklaus hasn't been the runaway most popular player in his foursome. 

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Devil Ball Golf

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