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Behold your first look at the U.S. Ryder Cup uniforms. Now, we're no fashion critics around these parts, but those look pretty snazzy, in an old-school Norman Rockwell/Bing Crosby kind of way. From left to right, you're looking at the uniforms the team will wear during practice rounds, the uniform for Saturday's play, and the uniform for Sunday's matches. (Dig the red, white and blue belt.)

Now, this is the kind of style that could look very good or, in the case of Rickie Fowler, potentially very goofy indeed. But hey, win or lose, the U.S. will strike a sporting angle standing around the piano and crooning, or smoking a pipe and ruminating on the re-election chances of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Start practicing those stiff upper lips and Eastern Establishment accents now, gents!

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Devil Ball Golf

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