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Ross Fisher is having a career year and hanging around the top of the leaderboard at the British Open, but you can forgive him if he's not entirely focused on winning the Claret Jug these days.

Fisher's wife, you see, is pregnant, and due any minute now. She was due several days ago, actually, and so Fisher is playing on borrowed time. Fisher has a private plane on standby to take him straight back to his home in Farnborough, England, a distance of just over 400 miles, should the need arise.

Fisher joins a growing array of double-timing dads, from Phil Mickelson at the U.S. Open in 1999 to Sean O'Hair at Bethpage this year, who play the course knowing that The Call could come at any second. Strangely enough, all of them seem to play well during their daddy-to-be rounds, and I'd imagine that their wives stay far from the television to keep from getting too stressed about their chances and possibly kicking off the whole shebang a bit early.

So in addition to the boy-or-girl question, we have to wonder whether Fisher will commemorate the British Open in naming his child. Now, it's not unheard of for athletes to name their children after significant athletic achievements; Alonzo Mourning named his daughter "Sydney" because she was born during the 2000 Sydney Olympics where Zo played for the United States. Chipper Jones named his son "Shea" after Shea Stadium, where he'd victimized the Mets for so many years. So Fisher should follow suit! He should name his child "Turnberry Fisher"! Or "Ailsa Craig Fisher"! Or "How The Heck Is Tom Watson Still In This Fisher"!

You know, maybe it's better if we leave this to Ross and his wife ... whenever the time comes.

So what's the call here? Should these golfers let the majors pass and be with their wives, or should they cross their fingers and hope that they finish their Sundays before the babies decide they're ready to check in to the world?

Fisher has every chance of bringing this baby home [The Independent]


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