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Nobody in professional golf takes more grief than Phil Mickelson. It's partly because there's the perception that he's somehow less of a golfer because he hasn't been able to stand up to years of a withering Tiger Woods onslaught. It's also because he can't seem to handle prosperity, sputtering and stalling when the road opens widest before him.

Still, for all the highs he's enjoyed in his storied career -- including two Masters victories -- he's never hit a shot as good as he did on the 13th at Augusta Sunday. Ever.

Let's set the stage. Phil, Lee Westwood and K.J. Choi are passing the lead back and forth. Anthony Kim has shaved five strokes off his score over four holes, and sits just one stroke back.

On the par-5 13th, Mickelson puts his tee shot into the Georgia pines. He's 200 yards from the pin, with Rae's Creek guarding the hole. So what does Phil do?

Why, grips it tight and goes for the green, of course. He splits two upright pines like Adam Vinatieri and drops the ball three feet from the cup. Unbelievable. It was a classic shot, and it may well have won him the Masters.

Of course, Phil then proceeded to do exactly what you'd expect: he two-putted from three feet. Unbelievable ... in the other direction. 


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