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Before we close the door on everything non-Masters, one final look at a good story from this past weekend. Phil Mickelson takes grief for pretty much everything he does or doesn't do, from his appearance to his attitude to his game. And even though he's been struck by tragedy in the past year -- the cancer diagnoses on both his wife and mother -- he's still the PGA player most fans love to goof on.

But you can't deny the guy knows how to show some love. Like this past weekend at the Shell Houston Open, when he brought on a special caddy for a few holes -- the doctor who's been treating his wife and mother.

Mickelson had invited Dr. Tom Buchholz, a radiation oncologist at Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, to the tournament along with many other doctors and hospital staff. And on Sunday, on the 14th tee, when Phil was out of contention -- hold the jokes for half a second -- he invited Buchholz to take the bag from regular caddy Bones Mackay. 

That's one hell of a cool gesture, isn't it? It cost Phil absolutely nothing -- matter of fact, it might have helped. Buchholz helped Phil to a birdie on 14, and suddenly a one-hole stint turned into three holes.

"Three great reads, three great clubs," Mickelson said later. "It was only supposed to go one hole. I ended up making birdie, and I kept making birdies. We went 3-for-3 together." Buchholz had some experience as a caddy, having looped after college. But it wasn't his green-reading skills that put him on the bag.

"This man has helped us through some of the toughest times that we've gone through," Mickelson said. "He's the best at what he does."

Nice move from Mickelson. If the Gods of Augusta respect karma, Lefty's going in with a little extra bump.

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