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First Augusta National allows EA Sports to put their legendary golf course in a video game, and now they've announced that tickets to the 2012 Masters will be sold online? When did Mark Zuckerberg start running Augusta National?

But that's the word out of Augusta. Their site announced that for the first time in 47 years, a limited amount of tickets to actual tournament days will be sold online.

How will this go down? Anyone looking for tickets will have to submit an online application by June 30, and then winners will be picked randomly and notified by e-mail. The same goes for practice round tickets, but those applications don't have to be in until July 30.

You can apply for tickets right here for the 2012 Masters, kicking off April 2 of next year.

I don't know what got in the coffee there in Augusta, but you have to love everything they're doing. For a golf tournament that used to not show the front nine on television, their recent progressive nature is extremely refreshing. Most people dream of a chance to walk those famed grounds, and now anybody with an Ethernet cord will have a shot at making the trip to Augusta National.

How big of a deal is this? Well, the waiting list for badges goes back to 1971, and it was nearly impossible to even figure out a way to try and land a ticket, much less stroll through Magnolia Lane.

Good luck if you're applying, and remember, if you get two tickets, I'm a great hotel roomie.

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Devil Ball Golf

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