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One of the key questions surrounding the entire Tiger Woods affair is how his many advertisers would either run for the hills or change their messages following his Thanksgiving wreck and subsequent revelations of infidelity. ("Go on, be a Tiger" will never again mean what it meant before the accident.)

Gatorade had already announced plans to close down its Tiger Woods-themed brand prior to the accident, which made the discovery of some, shall we say, disturbingly on-target Gatorade messaging on Denver store shelves particularly peculiar.

The bottles, found in several grocery stores, displayed "Unfaithful" rather than the usual "Focus" message. Obviously, they were fakes; this isn't the kind of collectors' edition that a company generally manufactures. Gatorade naturally issued a statement distancing itself from these creations.

In fact, investigators have determined that the labels are the work of a guerrilla artist in the vein of the infamous British graffiti artist Banksy, making a satirical point by targeting our most precious resources: our celebrities and our consumer goods. Only question now is, how long will it be before we start seeing Tiger Woods as the Joker, a la President Obama? And yes, the mysterious unnamed artist could be facing product-tampering charges.

MSNBC has the gripping dramatic experience of what it was like for one particular sports fan to find this bottle on the shelf!

Should you come across one of these bottles, we recommend you not attempt to open it and consume the contents. Not because it would harm you, but because you can get a lot more on eBay if you sell it in unopened condition.


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