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Michael Smith of ESPN reports that Tony Romo broke the pinkie on his throwing hand in overtime in Sunday's loss to Arizona. Romo is expected to miss the next four weeks, one of which is a bye.

Brad Johnson is the appropriate pick-up. He's a must-add player for Week 7, since the Cowboys travel to St. Louis. The 40-year-old Johnson isn't quite as interesting in Week 8 against Tampa, however, or in Week 9 at New York. His playmaking days are behind him -- like, five or six years behind him. 

If your fantasy team is 4-2 or 5-1 right now, stop reading and go make a respectable offer for Romo. The injury impacts the value of every Dallas skill position player, of course, but not so much that you'd sit any of them. 

We'll have more on this as details emerge. For now, enjoy the comments over at the Dallas Morning News' Cowboys blog. Some Dallas fans are looking ahead to '09; others are ready to sign Daunte Culpepper.

Update: The Morning News now has lots of useful information posted on the injury and its impact. Perhaps the scariest detail to emerge about Brad Johnson is that teammates jokingly call him "Checkdown." That's hilarious when he's the back-up, but not so funny when he's the starter.

Romo reportedly will not need surgery. 

Update No. 2: After tens of thousands of simulations, the AccuScore results are in...and they're not really so bad. Dallas goes 2-1, but they score 10 fewer total points. If you're a Terrell Owens or Jason Witten owner, you still have to be concerned that the next three games will basically be the Marion Barber show.


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