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Samir Nasri curses at French journalist after loss against Spain

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

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Samir Nasri thinking of all the swear words he knows. (Getty)

Following news of a dressing room argument with journalist-shusher Samir Nasri at the center, France manager Laurent Blanc made a few changes for his side's quarterfinal match against Spain. Namely, he left Nasri on the bench and didn't bring him into the match until the 65th minute. Spain went on to sleepwalk to a 2-0 win and after the match, Nasri once again expressed his displeasure with his country's journalists, who have been critical of his manner of existing.

According to 20minutes.fr and Reuters, a journalist asked for Nasri's reaction to the loss, which Nasri at first refused, before storming back over to the reporter and saying, "You're always writing s*** stories about us." This is the exchange that followed:

Reporter: "Well get lost, then ..."
Nasri: "You tell me to get lost? Come and we'll sort it out over there. ..."
Reporter: "That's it ..."
Nasri: "F*** you, go f*** your mother, you son of a b****. F*** you, that way you can say I'm rude. "

Samir Nasri, ladies and gentlemen. It's like he's angling for a career as a WWE villain.

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