Adrian Mutu says he’s having a ‘duel from a distance’ with Zlatan Ibrahimovic this season

Brooks Peck
August 23, 2012

Adrian Mutu's conflict and controversy filled career has led him to sign with Ligue 1 clube Ajaccio, putting him back in the same league as former Juventus teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Though the 33-year-old Romanian striker only scored eight goals for relegated Cesena last season, he believes that he and Zlatan are engaging in a goal-scoring battle for the ages.

From RMC Sport:

I know Ibrahimovic very well. This is a player who has always chosen teams in which it would evolve. He wanted to be in a team that could win the championship and win in Europe. Paris is a good choice for him. In my case, I have no problem. We're having a duel from a distance. I would bet to see which one scores the most goals.

Considering the fact that Mutu still owes Chelsea £14 million, he probably won't be able to bet much. Still, this "duel from a distance" sounds like it could be dangerous for him.

Nevermind the fact that Zlatan already has a two-goal advantage on Mutu and that he led Serie A with 28 goals last season. Zlatan's mind and body are both internationally recognized as lethal weapons. This duel is not going end well for Mutu.