Hiller's 'appendicitis attack'; Babcock scaring away UFAs?; learning 'stupid easy' fancy stats (Puck Headlines)

Jen Neale
July 18, 2014

Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

RIP Archie Andrews
RIP Archie Andrews

• Earlier this week, the world lost Archie Andrews. Hockee Night looks back to a far more innocent time in Archie's life and giggles inappropriately at it.

• It's been a relatively good summer for the Blackhawks so far. Here's a look at what's happening in Chi-town. [Hockee Night]

• On Wednesday, everyone (including us) reported a story about an incident between a young Eric Lindros and then-referee Paul Stewart. The Lindros army is assembling to defend his good name and deny the incident reported by Stewart ever happened. [Buzz on Broad]

• Is Mike Babcock's 'hard-nosed coaching style' the real reason Detroit did not sign one top-tier free agent defenseman? In his own Babcock-ian way, the coach pooh-poohs that idea, "Maybe they don't want to come because Mike Babcock has a one-year contract. The way I look at it here, if you don't want to be coached, don't come here. If you want to be pushed to be the best that you can be, that's what we do here. You know what? The proof is in the pudding." [Detroit Free Press]

• If the San Jose Sharks are seriously considering shipping off Joe Thornton, they probably want to look at his fancy stats before doing so. One important note, FTF points out the NHL doesn't track passing stats the way the NBA does, and that lack of data is negatively impacting the analysis of Jumbo Joe's overall contribution on the ice. [Fear the Fin]

• Awesome story about New Jersey Devils prospect Graham Black, and his battle to overcome Graves' disease. At one point, the disease was so debilitating it nearly ended his hockey career. [Fire and Ice]

• New Calgary Flames netminder Jonas Hiller suffered an 'appendicitis attack' back home in his native Switzerland. He'll undergo a procedure to correct the issue and should be back to full health by the time training camp rolls around. [Calgary Sun]

• It was clear the Edmonton Oilers were imploding after a very, very bad 2009-10 season. Jonathan Willis notes that with the moves made this summer, the players on the team that signified the beginning of the Oilers' rebuild have all left or been moved out of the organization. [Edmonton Journal]

• Just two of many gems from the July 1988 issue of The Hockey News: Teemu Selanne was almost - wait for it - an OILER, and a spectacular quote about consequences of injuries from then-Chicago defenseman Doug Wilson, "Every time I’m hurt, my wife gets pregnant." [THN]

• Jeremy Roenick's ability as a hockey analyst is debatable. He sent out a tweet about Mikhail Grabovski's deal with the Islanders a few weeks ago that got a few people, including Grabovski himself, riled up. Pat Holden does what seemed impossible before, and tries to look at JR's 'analysis' from JR's point-of-view. Brave, brave man. [Brooks Laich Year]

• Spurred by the cutting of once promising prospect Kirill Kabanov, a look at 'asset management' by the Islanders and the NHL. [Islander Analytics]

• I hear there is nothing to do in Winnipeg. That must be the reason AIH put together a 'stupid easy' guide to fancy stats. Read it, learn it, love it. It's not like you were working anyway. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

• Michael Del Zotto's career went from untouchable rookie sensation to slumping trade-bait. MDZ was dealt to the Preds during the season, and did not receive a new contract offer by the team, making him an UFA. The d-man is working hard this off-season in the hopes a team will take a chance on him. [SportsNet]

• The guys over at Dobber continue their cage-match to find fantasy hockey's most frustrating player. [Dobber Hockey]

• Columbus has approximately $14.6-million in cap space to spend. Good problem? [Union and Blue]

• If the shoot-out is considered a gimmick in the NHL, then what about the AHL's decision to play 3-on-3 in overtime? Isn't that considered a gimmick as well? [3 Minute Drill]

• Young whippersnappers these days have no idea what it used to be like to trade hockey (or any sport) cards. Sadly this industry has lost the luster it once had with kids. No one appreciates a stale unwrapped piece of gum in the middle of dyed cardboard like us old people. [Toronto Star]

• Former-Hab Patrice Brisebois has left his position with Montreal as director of player development for personal reasons. [CBC]

• Al MacInnis is remembered for not just being a great defenseman, but for having one of the hardest shots in the NHL. Kelly Hrudey didn't want his skull to explode like Gallagher hitting a watermellon so he gets the hell out of the way as MacInnis winds up and fires. Watch the video of the incident and remember the glass in the background could have been Hrudey's head. [NHL History Girl]

• Two coaching vacancies have been filled in the WHL. Troy Ward has been hired to coach the Vancouver Giants, and Tim Hunter will head the Moose Jaw Warriors. [Buzzing the Net]

• Impress your friends at parties by learning about the 'phantom Florida Breakers'. [Litterbox Cats]

• Former Jets captain Thomas Steen allegedly broke 'the conditions of an undertaking' and spent a night in jail. I think that means he violated a condition of his bond pertaining to the original incident. [Winnipeg Sun]

• Finally, Canucks player Frankie Corrado has a great sense of humor...he'll need it playing in Vancouver. (Kidding, kidding...sorta.) He has a hilarious run-in with a young Habs fan while at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Gotta applaud the stones on this kid for all the questions he asks. [Canucks TV]