Video: Cushing gets called for penalty after fighting teammate

Chris Chase

The last time the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans played, the biggest story of the game was the brawl between opponents Andre Johnson(notes) and Cortland Finnegan(notes), which resulted in $25,000 fines for both. The teams met again on Sunday and once again devolved into chaos when two players got into a shoving match on the field. The only difference was: This one was a skirmish between teammates.

It started out as a routine post-play tussle between Tennessee's Leroy Harris(notes) and Houston's Antonio Smith. Smith's teammate, Brian Cushing(notes), came running into the play to separate his teammate and, presumably, to halt any Johnson-Finnegan-esque fisticuffs that were about to ensue. Smith didn't like this and ended up shoving his own teammate:

Another Texan got involved and Cushing's helmet flew off, which is an automatic 15-yard penalty. That enabled Tennessee to move closer into field-goal range and take a three-touchdown lead headed into halftime.

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If ever an incident could sum up a team's season, that would be it for Houston. The team, which entered 2010 with high playoff hopes, fell to 5-9 for the year.

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