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Jeff Eisenberg

Florida's Chandler Parsons takes a towel snap to the groin

Jeff Eisenberg
The Dagger

The corner 3-pointer Chandler Parsons hit early in the second half of Florida's double-overtime victory at Georgia on Tuesday night brought the senior forward more pain than joy.

As Parsons turned to run back up-court, teammate Vernon Macklin swings his towel in celebration from the bench. Unfortunately, the towel snap hits Parsons in the most sensitive of all regions, leaving him doubled over in pain for the next two minutes or so.

Credit Parsons for bravely still trying to get back on defense because most of us would have fallen to the ground on the spot. The senior also responded with a superb effort in double overtime, scoring nine of his 18 points to help seal the crucial SEC East victory.

The untold story is how Parsons retaliated in the locker room afterward. If major college basketball is anything like junior high PE classes, Parsons probably got revenge on Macklin with a towel snap of his own.

(Thanks, Ballin' is a Habit)

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