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Dan Devine

Create-a-Caption: LeBron James, All-Star game ninja

Dan Devine
Ball Don't Lie

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C'mon, LeBron James(notes). Fight fair. Anyone can record the second triple-double in All-Star game history if they deploy mad smoke bombs to confuse and disorient the defense. (Also, don't be surprised if LeBron has a little bit of a cough this week.)

Best caption wins good rocking tonight, courtesy of Deep Purple. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Jolly Giraffe was always Chris Bosh's favorite Pillow Pet.

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Winner, patrick craft: "Ain't no rule that says a giraffe can't replace Joel Anthony(notes)."

Runner-up, Mark M.: Chris Bosh(notes) introduces a giraffe to the NBA lifestyle, where people feed you by hand and tell you that you are the greatest.

Second runner-up, r: "You know, if you want to get some dress shirts with extended necks, I know a guy ..."

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Clever Girl Division, goes to gordonyu1 for a well-met nature video joke: The raptor enjoys playing with its food before eating it.

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