Dale Junior’s car graveyard: a bird’s-eye view

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  • Juan Pablo Montoya
    Juan Pablo Montoya
    Colombian racing driver; former Formula One driver

When we found out that Juan Pablo Montoya's car that crashed into — and blew up — the jet drier at Daytona was headed to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s graveyard of wrecked race cars on his property, we were intrigued. When we found out that Jimmie Johnson's Daytona car, the one that was initially penalized 25 points for C-post violations before the penalty was overturned on appeal, was headed there too, we got really curious.

What was this car graveyard like? Were cars laid out in any specific order? Were animals, or even vagabonds, setting up camp inside of them? Was it like a NASCAR version of Michael Jackson's abandoned Neverland? Could we have an awesome NASCAR scavenger hunt if, on the miniscule chance, Junior ever invited us over?

Thanks to satellite images and the Internet, we found the beguiling place where some racecars go to spend their infinite existence. But instead of satisfying our curiosity, the pictures fuel it even more.

When he was asked about the Montoya car, Junior said that he had "50 or 60" cars on his property. In the undated Google Map satellite picture, we can only see five in plain view, though there could be many hiding underneath the trees.

The only one that had a clearly identifiable number is the yellow No. 10 car that's out in the open. It looks like the Nesquik Nationwide Series car that Jeff Green drove. Is it by chance the one he flipped at Daytona in 2000?

From above, you can see the three racetracks that Junior has on his property: a dirt track, a bobby pin-type oval and a track shaped like Martinsville.

Pretty cool, eh? If this whole Sprint Cup thing doesn't work out for Junior, he could make a career for himself with that scavenger hunt idea.

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