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  • Charlotte to serve 6.5-lb burritos, 6-lb burgers at All-Star Race

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles1 day ago

    The track that gave us the Funnel Bacakonator is back with some more crazy concessions.

    Charlotte Motor Speedway announced Friday that it will serve a 6.5-pound burrito and a six-pound burger during the All-Star Race weekend on May 15-16.

    Yes, those measurements are in pounds and not ounces. If you're looking for something less hefty, you can always go with the candied bacon on a stick the track introduced with the burrito and the burger.

    First, the details on the burrito.

    The "Crank Shaft Burrito," which will cost $25, has four tortillas, 1.5 pounds of beans, 1.5 pounds of cole slaw and 3 pounds of pulled pork. It also has a half-pound of cheese sauce plus a quarter-pound of jalapenos and "more" baked beans, slaw and pork. If you're scoring at home, you'll notice that the ingredients add up to more than 6.5 pounds, so depending on the amount of "more," you could score a seven-pound burrito.

    Oh, it's also 1,685 calories according to the track.

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  • Ryan Newman's points penalty reduced to 50 on appeal

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles2 days ago

    Richard Childress Racing's appeal of penalties to Ryan Newman's No. 31 team at California netted the team a reduction in punishment.

    NASCAR initially penalized the No. 31 team 75 points for manipulating tires during the March 22 race. Newman's team was found to have drilled holes in the car's tires. The slow loss of air via the holes allows the tires to better maintain a lower air pressure and, therefore, speed, throughout the duration of a tire run.

    While the penalties were upheld, the points penalty is down to 50 points after the appeal. Crew chief Luke Lambert also saw his fine cut to $75,000 from $125,000 though his six-race suspension was upheld.

    With the 50-point penalty, Newman has 162 points and is 20th in the standings.

    According to a NASCAR release, NASCAR's appeals panel of John Capels, Hunter Nickell and Dale Pinilis found that the violations matched what NASCAR defined them as. However, the penalties were lessened " because there is no written explanation of what constitutes a post-race inspection."

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  • Random Recap: The 2004 Food City 500

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles4 days ago

    Welcome to Random Recaps, our new weekly feature at From The Marbles. In this space, we'll recap a race from the past at the track the where Sprint Cup Series is racing next.

    This week's race isthe 2004 Food City 500. Need to know how Random Recap works? Click here.And yes, we realize this is the second straight week of a 2004 recap. Blame the number generator that popped up 87.

    Kurt Busch sprinted away from Rusty Wallace on a green-white-checker restart to win the Food City 500.

    The race was red flagged with seven laps to go after Dale Jarrett got into the wall. Jarrett had an apparent flat tire after contact with Ward Burton. Since NASCAR had said it'd red flag any caution in the late laps before lap 295 to ensure an attempt at a green-flag finish, the race was halted so the mess could be cleaned up.

    If you watch the video above and fast-forward to just after 2.5 hours, the time between Jarrett's car hitting the wall and the throwing of the caution is interesting.

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