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Frank Mir breaks Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s arm to win at UFC 140

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Frank Mir was the first man to ever knock out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. At UFC 140 on Saturday night, he also became the first man to submit Nogueira.

Nogueira started the bout by landing short punches, then moving in for a takedown attempt. The two clinched, but it was Mir who got the takedown. Nogueira worked his way back to his feet, and the two continued to clinch against the fence.

The fight took a turn when Nogueira unloaded several strikes, knocking down Mir. It appeared that Mir was close to being finished when Nogueira rolled to try and get a submission. Instead, Mir got the submission, rolling into a Kimura and breaking Nogueira's arm. The fight was stopped at 3:38.

[UFC 140 video highlights: Mir vs. Nogueira]

Mir, the one-time heavyweight champion, is on a three-fight win streak which includes a KO, submission and a decision. His record is 16-5. Nogueira's last bout was a thrilling knockout at UFC 134, but the loss gives him a record of 33-7-1.

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