Yankees president on dog he owns in Westminster Kennel Club show: ‘He’s like Derek Jeter’

David Brown

Apparently hedging his bets against the New York Yankees coming away with another World Series championship in 2013, team president Randy Levine is diversifying into show dogs. He co-owns a five-year-old Labrador retriever named Mitch who has been entered into the Westminster Kennel Club's show, which starts Monday at Madison Square Garden.

By the photo above, you can tell that Levine loves dogs — though Mitch isn't pictured there. When asked to describe the dog, Levine naturally turned to baseball and the biggest dog (figuratively) on the Yankees.

Via the Associated Press, in a pun-tastic preview of the 137th show, here's what Levine says:

"He's like Derek Jeter. Very calm," Levine said.

Even though he's gone now, imagine if Levine described Mitch as being like Nick Swisher. All hyper and licking and crotch-sniffing, trying to give everyone paw high-fives. Down, boy! If Mitch really is like Jeter, his even temperament ought to give him an advantage once his time comes Tuesday to hit the floor.

It also should be noted that Jeter (the human) ran for the first time Monday since surgery to fix his broken ankle. Good boy, huggers!

Also, if you thought this was the first dog show rodeo for someone from the Yankees organization, you'd be mistaken:

Mitch is following a long trail of Yankees pawprints. Lou Gehrig, one of the original Bronx Bombers, brought his German shepherd to Madison Square Garden. Former ace Mike Mussina sent his Irish setter. Jacob Ruppert, the team owner who acquired Babe Ruth, showed St. Bernards.

That's a veritable tradition, almost. I can't believe Alex Rodriguez hasn't brought any of his champion Pomeranians* to Westminster. (*Made-up fact. He doesn't really have any Pomeranians, to my knowledge, though it would appear gal pal Torrie Wilson is a dog person.) But can't you just see A-Rod with a tiny dog, the kind that has papers and loses its hair when it gets upset if you take it bowling? (NSFW):

Good luck to Levine and Mitch at Westminster. A yellow lab has never won Best in Show at Westminster (so says this blog post). However, if you will it, it is no dream.

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