Warning: Hunter Pence singing and dancing in his car might terrify you

Mike Oz
March 5, 2013

Hunter Pence warned us. He tweeted that this is "what happens when I don't play." And then he posted videos of himself singing and dancing in his car.

We're all guilty of such shenanigans. None of us sound or look as good as we think we do. Luckily, none of us usually record ourselves either. But Hunter Pence, the crazy-eyed San Francisco Giants outfielder whose loud, intense huddles became a rallying point for the World Series champs?

He's a different kind of cat. Just watch:

Hunter Pence on WhoSay

But wait! That's just part one of what Pence bestowed upon the Internet on Monday afternoon. Here's part two and it's even weirder than the first.

Hunter Pence on WhoSay

Dear Bruce Bochy, might I suggest fewer off-days for Mr. Pence. Even if the team isn't playing, just give him something to do. Otherwise, he's liable to leave baseball altogether to pursue a career in music and dance, judging by the natural abilities shown here. Either that or he'll trade his bat for glowsticks to run off and join a traveling rave, dancing to EDM breakdowns in cities all across the globe

Seriously, though, Hunter: Drive safe out there.

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