Photo tour: What you can buy at the ‘From the Clubhouse’ store at AT&T Park

Kevin Kaduk
October 26, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO — If there was any place in town that came close to matching the on-field drama at AT&T Park this week, it might have been in the Giants' game-used equipment store. It was there that Hunter Pence's bat from the famous triple-double in Game 7 of the NLCS was mistakenly sold for $400, setting off a mini-Fall Classic soap opera that ended with the fan doing a cool thing and giving the bat back to Pence and the Giants.

Wanting to get a look at the place where credit card statements go to die, I took a trip to its corner of concourse before Thursday's Game 2 to see what might be up for sale.

Here's what I found:

The only relics from San Francisco's Game 1 on Wednesday were these game-used baseballs, all for the low, low ... wait, does that say $799? Just because Giants fans are giddy doesn't make them saps! You'd think that type of price could get you a little something extra on that baseball other than dirt. A few autographs, evidence of gnawing from Pablo Sandoval, a lipstick smooch from Kate Upton ...

* * *

Not to get too technical here, but I think I missed the part where these "game-used" champagne bottles were used in Game 7. Would have made for a heck of a Stew post.

* * *


To be clear, it's $250 if you want a champagne bottle, but $280 if you want a champagne bottle with a cork. No word on if an extra $100 will get you a baggie full of the mess left by the bat boy after he drank too much Mumm's.

* * *

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Halloween's just around the corner, so why not go as World Series hero Pablo Sandoval? Complete the costume with a pack of Hubba Bubba and by swinging at every fun-size Snickers bar that gets tossed your way!

* * *

Not sure exactly why they had to denote Tim Lincecum's jersey — the most expensive in the case, by the way — was "team issued." Does that mean they gave it to him for a game and he decided to wear a $12 hemp poncho instead that day?

* * *

"Beware of splinters"? I'd suggest that anyone spending $199 on one of Joaquin Arias' bats should "Beware of an angry wife using this bat to pummel an apology out of you."

* * *

This lineup from Matt Cain's perfect game earlier this season is actually a reprint, but authentic records of Bruce Bochy's genius can be had for between $75 and $200

* * *

Man, talk about a double punch to the gut. Not only did the Giants leave Emmanuel Burriss off their World Series roster, but they underscored their thoughts on his utility by starting to sell off all his equipment before the season is even over. Give the guy a break!

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