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Evening Shade: Hamilton leaves camp with bruised shoulder

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Spring training produces an avalanche of newsy tidbits. Most weekday evenings, we'll review some of the stories that accumulated during the day.

Josh Hamilton bruises his shoulder: Easy there, Ian! The big fella bruised his left shoulder in Rangers camp on Wednesday and he left workouts early. No word yet on the extent of Hamilton's injury, but obviously not a good way to start the year after playing in only 89 games in '09.

Cliff Lee's comeback goes into OT: Why just throw 35 planned pitches after recent foot surgery when you can throw between 40 and 50? Lee says he never once thought about his push-off foot. (Read: No pain.)

Adrian Gonzalez wants to "win as a Padre": Unfortunately for Padres fans, he also wants to get paid like a Red Sock. So no hometown discounts for San Diego.

Ozzie Guillen amazed by Twitter uproar: The White Sox manager then went on a 15-minute rant against the medium he just joined and it simply can't be summed in 140 characters or less. Does this qualify as irony?

Jeffrey Loria joins the fun: Marlins owner becomes the next small market owner to predict big things for his small market team. It's playoffs or bust, he says.

Adam Kilgore assumes the position: After taking over on the Washington Post's Nats beat, Kilgore does the right thing and immediately starts currying favor with the local bloggers. He also drops an awesome Walter Payton story that I hadn't heard, which curries favor with me.

Hair gel makes Mijares late for spring training: Some people are calling B.S. on the Twins reliever, but I believe him. Do you know how hard it is to find quality hair gel in a carry-on size?

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