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D12: Mike Rizzo in line to receive worst appreciation gift ever

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Welcome to 'Duk's Dozen, a streamlined selection of 12 morning-fresh links, items and random thoughts to start your baseball day. It welcomes your submissions here or via Twitter.

1. Despite Stephen Strasburg(notes) now being signed, sealed and delivered, all eyes are again on the Washington Nationals front office as our own Gordon Edes' reports that interim GM Mike "Don't Call Me Jilly" Rizzo may be getting his walking papers in the near future.

The rumored longterm solution for the District is Arizona player personnel pal Jerry Dipoto, but the obvious story here is that Rizzo is coming off some moves — signing Strasburg and Drew Storen, replacing Manny Acta with Jim Riggleman — that are generally viewed as positives and not worthy of a handshake and cab fare.

Somewhere, Dale Tallon relates. [Yahoo! Sports]

2. Chris Needham feels for Rizzo in this situation, but also doesn't think he should be handed the job just because he's not Jim Bowden. [NBC Washington]

3. Stephen Strasburg will descend from Mt. Boras to meet with the D.C. commoners on Friday afternoon. Good news: If Rizzo is no longer GM by then, he'll still be able to buy a special $1 ticket to the press conference and that night's game. [MLB.com]

4. I know I've already listed one Y! Sports link, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't telling you to read Tim Brown's excellent reportage from inside Boras' camp on the day after the draft signing deadline. [Y! Sports]

5. Eh, what the hey: The Stew Twitter feed is getting some pub, too. [Mashable]

6. It's not quite the Indians handing out Victor Martinez bobbleheads the day after he was traded, but the A's are still holding Jason Giambi bobblehead night this weekend after they unceremoniously cut him loose earlier in the month.

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(A big BLS head nod to Stewie Tim for the tip.)

7. For all the Cubs fans still clinging to hope after the last two nights in San Diego, Bad Kermit comes along with a big cold bucket filled with those cold "If the Cardinals just win this many, the Cubs need to go undefeated the rest of the season" scenarios. He also pushes for the team to lose Lou. [Hire Jim Essian]

8. Cousin Mose took a break from the beet farm to infiltrate a Joe Morgan chat session on Tuesday. Snark alone shall move the wheels of history! [Major League Jerk]

9. So far, so good on the George Sherrill(notes) acquisition for the Dodgers. [True Blue LA]

10. Philadelphia's Green Man < Cole's pink ape [The 700 Level]

11. The writing is on the wall for Alex Gordon(notes), who was demoted to AAA on Tuesday. Remember when he was everyone's first prospect pick when it came to fantasy? It doesn't seem like that long ago. [BallStar]

12. Finally, in case you missed it, I played a little grabass with Walkoff Walk's Rob Iracane on the Furious Five podcast the other night. Take a listen. [Walkoff Walk]

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