Bryce Harper visits Dr. James Andrews, gets spotted wearing big knee brace at airport

Mike Oz
June 11, 2013

If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, many of the words Washington Nationals fans will utter upon seeing this picture of young star Bryce Harper aren't the kind you should say around small children. But, if you believe Harper's agent, Scott Boras, this is a case where the picture looks much worse than the reality.

Harper visited noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews on Monday to get his knee examined. He was spotted in the airport Monday night. Boras, however, tells the Washington Post that Harper didn't have surgery.

Boras described the knee brace “precautionary” and in place “just to keep [the] knee immobile.” Boras specifically included arthroscopic surgery under the umbrella of “operative procedures” Harper did not undergo in his visit to Andrews.

The Nationals have still not released any information about the exact nature of the treatment Harper received at Andrews’s institute in Pensacola, Fla. It remains unclear how much longer Harper’s sore left knee will sideline him.

Here's a question: Why is Bryce Harper walking around an airport if his knee is messed up? Why don't Boras or the Nationals have Oompa-Loompas employed to carry Harper around the airport or to Chipotle or where ever he wants to go? They could sing him songs like "Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo / Don't run into that wall / it will hurt you."

Harper's injury, if you'll remember, came from that brutal collision with the Dodgers Stadium wall. He vowed afterward that he would continue to play hard, even if it killed him.

Harper, 20, kept playing when he shouldn't have, later admitting his mistake and going on the disabled list.

In fact, Harper is eligible to come off the disabled list Tuesday. But does that guy in a knee brace look like he's ready to come off the disabled list?

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