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Bo Porter silent for 17 seconds before answering question about Astros blunder

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Most mistakes committed on a baseball field, even mental ones, can be forgiven. Houston Astros manager Bo Porter, even now, probably is testing that statement after what slugger Matt Dominguez pulled Thursday night.

Porter's slow burn in the video below is epic. He takes 17 seconds to answer a question about Dominguez's baserunning blunder against the Kansas City Royals, as CSN Houston notes.

Porter doesn't fly off the handle but he's definitely mad as heck and disappointed in Dominguez's decision-making skills.

After hitting a ball into the gap at Minute Maid Park that should have been a single to put runners at the corners, Dominguez got greedy, making a wide turn at first and trying — sort of — for a double. He was out by a lot, as you can see. Dominguez was so out, he didn't even bother sliding, or even thinking about sliding.

The situation — nobody out, trailing by five runs — called for a conservative play. Dominguez certainly did not do the right thing. "Do you believe you're invisible?" Porter says he asked Dominguez.

Here's Porter's eventual full reply:

"I mean... there's... it's just not smart. Obviously. And — sorry for taking so long to answer the question — but I went and asked Matt Dominguez, I said, 'Do you think you're invisible?' It's... I mean, you're down five-to-nothing and the ball is right in front of you. So, to answer your question, no, I don't like it. There's nothing smart about it. And... next question."

Astros County has done a wonderful job of taking Porter's staring silence almost frame by frame, and giving us insight into what he was thinking as he replayed Dominguez's blunder in his head before he answered the question.

It's funny, because the previous video highlight at featuring Dominguez was a brilliant defensive play. He also hit 21 homers in 2013 and is just 24 years old. He's obviously got some talent. It will just take longer than a few hours to earn Porter's forgiveness for this transgression.

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