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Jay Busbee

Virtual Tiger Woods having the same problems as real Tiger Woods

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These aren't good days to be Tiger Woods. You can't even escape drama in the virtual world.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 came out recently, and while plenty of people bought it, apparently quite a few didn't. Recent reports indicated that first-month sales were down 32 percent from a year ago. Yikes.

Now, there are plenty of ways to spin this, and EA Sports is certainly doing its best to do exactly that. For instance, the company says, last year's model was bundled with a Wii, leading to higher first-time Wii sales.

Whatever the rationalization, it's unfortunate that more people aren't buying the game, because it's fun as hell, even if there are no late-night Escalade challenges. (Full disclosure: EA Sports sent Devil Ball a copy of the game for review.) It gets a little gimmicky, yes — disc golf and putt-putt and all that — but where else can you stand on the seventh at Pebble and tee off toward the setting sun? (Well, the seventh at Pebble, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, more people ought to buy the Tiger game. It's good. And if they don't, EA needs to stop with the spin and go straight to this strategy: blame Rory McIlroy.

And then again, maybe the problem is that the game wasn't like this below. (STRONG warning — there's some totally NSFW language here. Do NOT play this video if you're easily offended, at a workplace with people who are, or under 21. Don't do it. We're watching you.)

EA Sports really would've outdone themselves had they pulled that one off.

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