Erik Bedard probably isn't so worried about his ADP

Andy Behrens

Jake Peavy's spring ERA is 9.39 and Erik Bedard's is 8.63.

People worry about stuff like this, and they send panicky emails.

Throughout the season we're not going to spend much time on universally-owned players like Peavy and Bedard, because it's not like fantasy owners can just go out and add them. The News & Notes items on their player pages will cover whatever it is you can't learn from their stats.

But if you're worried about any veteran's spring numbers, I'll refer you to this piece on the Padres' website. Here's an instructive quote from Peavy:

"Here, I forced myself to throw (changeups). During the season, it's not going to be a pitch I'm going to try to find during the game." Peavy said. "You just can't afford to, because you're results-oriented in the season."

From that, you can safely infer that many established players are not so results-oriented during the spring. Bedard is somewhat more evasive regarding his spring approach, but you can reasonably assume that he also treats it like practice, because that's what it is.

This is not the time to panic.

In fact, there is no appropriate time to panic. It never helps.