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Nobody wants to play for Tom Coughlin

The Sporting News surveyed 111 players around the NFL and asked them a series of questions at the NFL's midpoint of the season. One of those questions was, "Which coach would you least like to play for?"

Not surprisingly, the most popular answers were the mean guys. Here are your top-three vote-getters:

Tom Coughlin, New York Giants - 22
Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins - 21
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots - 15

Pete Carroll, Todd Haley, Jim Harbaugh, Rex Ryan and Jim Schwartz were next on the list, but none of them had more than six votes. Coughlin, Sparano and Belichick are clearly the meanest teachers in the school.

My guess would've been that Sparano topped the list. Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick may be unbending hard-asses who will abuse you emotionally every day of your life, but they at least offer the benefit of winning. In 16 years in the NFL, Tom Coughlin is 139-109 (68-60 with the Jaguars, 71-49 with the Giants) and has a Super Bowl ring. Belichick is 167-97 (36-44 with Cleveland, and 131-53 with the Patriots) and has three rings. Sparano is 26-30 and has had exactly one season above .500. It seems like it should be easier to put up with a screaming coach if you're at least winning.

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