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Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams, Jr (that's him on the right). is one bona-fide pro football legend. As an original member of the "Foolish Club", Adams can lay claim to ownership of a root American Football League team, the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans. Adams and Buffalo's Ralph Wilson are the only living members of that club with any controlling interest in their teams, and it was Adams' recent insistence that head coach Jeff Fisher start Vince Young(notes) that has helped the Titans on their recent winning streak after a disastrous 0-6 start. Bud Adams knows football, and he has for a long time.

Unfortunately, Adams isn't as familiar with the concept of public etiquette, as evidenced by his actions during the Titans' 41-17 home win over the Buffalo Bills. Perhaps emboldened by the AFL throwback uniforms exhibited by both teams, the 86-year-old Adams was seen flipping the Bills the double-handed bird on more than one occasion. Of course, one alert fan was on the case with his camcorder, and we have the visual evidence after the jump.

WARNING: If you're offended by the sight of a really old guy flashing two middle fingers, or you're in an environment in which such things might be frowned upon by your family, friends, co-workers or supervisors, consider yourself forewarned.


Here's the best part of the story: According to Yahoo Sports' own Charles Robinson, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in Adams' luxury box during at least part of the game. I'm guessing that if the matter wasn't discussed at the time, it soon will be.

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