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It's come out that Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, figuring he's got nothing to lose at 0-6, wants head coach Jeff Fisher to start quarterback Vince Young(notes) this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. "I have been wanting (Fisher) to play Vince Young more because (Kerry) Collins has been having his problems out there,'' Adams recently told the Tennessean. "I just think we need to find out how well (Young) can do. If you don't play the guy and lose all your games, it is hard for you to see what he can do for you. Vince has won a lot of games for us.''

Fisher has to be under the gun, despite his status as the NFL's current longest-tenured head coach, and having the guy who owns the team come out and start exercising his right (whatever it may be) to make personnel decisions can't be a step in the right direction. Young "won" 17 games for the Titans in 2006 and 2007, but quarterback wins is a shady stat at best. The Titans finished near the bottom of the league in 2006 in passing first downs, attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and net yards per attempt. It was the same story in 2007. Placing too much credit on one player is a very dangerous enterprise in a team sport like football, and that's never more true than when your team is built on a running game and defense.

In mop-up duty for Kerry Collins(notes) in 2009, Young is 0-for-5 with an interception, and he's going to ding the team to the tune of a $14.2 million cap hit in 2010. So it makes sense to see if Young has anything left in the tank, though I suspect the football minds in Nashville already know the answer.

If Young bottoms out and Collins is at the end of the road (both likely scenarios), that puts the Titans in the pole position to draft (and perhaps overdraft) a quarterback in 2010. Colt McCoy of Texas and Florida's Tim Tebow have questions about their abilities to fit NFL offenses, Sam Bradford of Oklahoma now has shoulder injuries that will likely take him out of the top 10 unless he revolutionizes the quarterback position at the 2010 Scouting Combine, and Washington's Jake Locker is just learning the NCAA version of the pro-style offense, never mind the real version. Due to their current quarterback situation, the Titans could set the market for quarterbacks in the 2010 draft -- and then get upended by it.

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