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Throughout his stellar NFL career, linebacker Bill Romanowski was known for his durability, intensity, insanity, violence, "vitamin" use, and occasionally, racism.

He played 243 consecutive games, right up to the age of 36, despite being a very physical player who played at a very physical position. He was widely regarded as a dirty player, after he kicked Larry Centers in the head, spit in the face of JJ Stokes, and ended the career of teammate Marcus Williams after destroying his orbital bone with a sucker punch in practice. He traveled with a giant tackle box that contained over 500 pills on any given day. A teammate once quoted him as saying that he had to take all the supplements in order to keep up with the league's African-American players, only he didn't use the word "African-American," he used a hurtful word that starts with 'n'. He was accused of using the same word when he spit on JJ Stokes, too. Oh, and after his career, he admitted steroid abuse.

And now, in his post-football life, Bill Romanowski is a supplement-maker, and those supplements might be pumping through republican presidential candidate John McCain while he debates Barack Obama. From the New York Daily News:

Campaign reps for Sen. John McCain obtained an herbal supplement touted to enhance memory and keep energy levels up for the candidate before his joust with Sen. Barack Obama, a source tells us. Four-time Super Bowl champ Bill Romanowski, whose company Nutrition53 produces the capsule Neuro1, said: "I won't confirm or deny that Sen. McCain is using our product, but it's phenomenal for any person with stress and an overwhelming travel schedule."

And the chances that a presidential debate ends in a pier-six brawl just increased by about 7,000%. Any chance we could pump Joe Biden or Sarah Palin full of this stuff before tonight's festivities?

Gracias, Sports by Brooks.

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