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Washington Redskins cornerback, and All-Pro talker, Fred Smoot told the DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg last night that he wanted to be a general manager when his football career was finished. Naturally, Steinberg's follow-up question was about Smoot's personnel philosophy. Behold the Smootian response:

"Fat boys wins my game. I know football, and in December, in the playoffs, fat boys win. Whoever's got the best fat boys is gonna win, so I'm gonna collect fat boys. I can find Fred Smoots -- not a dime a dozen, but I can find cornerbacks that can make plays. I can find that. I can't find a big boy that can push this line for four quarters."

First of all, there's no doubt what Smoot's lineup would have looked like in that old Nintendo ice hockey game. Secondly, he's exactly right. Line play, not skill positions, makes champions. (Those who blindly support that Jay Cutler trade might want to remember that Cutler's gaudy 2008 numbers were buoyed by a stellar Denver offensive line that only allowed 11 Cutler sacks on the season.) 

Smoot's football strategy also makes him infinitely more knowledgeable than the inept duo running the show in Washington. Despite clear deficiencies on both lines last off-season, Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato ignored the "fat boys" in the draft and went receiver, tight end, receiver with the 'Skins first three picks.

Somebody please start up And, if it ever happens, make sure there isn't a harbor or marina anywhere nearby the office.  

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