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Rush Limbaugh, conservative political commentator and hater of poor people, has made a bid to buy the NFL's St. Louis Rams. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Limbaugh and St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts teamed up to make the offer, and they'd like to keep the team in St. Louis.

So the "St. Louis" part won't be changing. Whether or not Limbaugh would plan on changing the team's name from the "St. Louis Rams" to the "St. Louis Health Care Deniers" or the "St. Louis Anti-Environmentalists," I can't be sure.

Here's why I don't like the idea: I have my opinion on Rush Limbaugh, and, as we're all about to witness in the comments, everyone else has their opinions on Rush Limbaugh, too. His very presence brings politics into the football discussion. I'd prefer to avoid that, but the man is so polarizing that I don't see any way around it. I couldn't get through the first sentence of this post without a little jab.

No one will be able to mention the Rams without mentioning co-owner Rush, who, depending on who you believe, is either a hate-mongering blowhard or the greatest American living today.

Anyway, there would be a long way between now and any potential sale of the Rams; if they're sold at all, that is. From the Post-Dispatch, here's a quote from Kevin Demoff, Rams executive vice president of football operations:

"There is no inevitability for the team to wind up being for sale anyway. There may be bidders, but that doesn't mean there will be a sale. Ownership has said all along it would go through this process and evaluate its options. They are under no pressure to sell the team."

So who knows how things will shake out. The same report says that there are other bidders making a play for the Rams, but no one knows who they are. My hope is that they aren't Shawn Hannity or Glenn Beck.

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