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It's a good thing Tony Romo is no longer Terrell Owens' teammate or quarterback. Because if T.O. teared up when the media gave Romo a hard time, how would he react when one of the best-selling rappers of all-time takes shots at the Cowboys signal caller?

In the video for Eminem's new single "We Made You", which debuted on MTV today, the Detroit rapper dresses up as Tony Romo and mocks his relationship with Jessica Simpson in various childish ways. (Apparently the two are still dating. I had no idea either.)

The song is a typical first single for Eminem. It includes a catchy hook, semi-topical mocking of ripe pop-culture targets that don't seem worthy of such derision (Bret Michaels?), a shout-out to Dr. Dre and nary a mention of the Lions. What, Slim Shady couldn't think of a rhyme for Orlovsky?

If Eminem truly wants to channel Tony Romo, he should win a Grammy and then fumble the award when the presenter hands it to him.

Thanks, Deadspin

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