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It makes me sad to tell you that Don Imus, the Pacman Jones of radio hosts, once again has a little bit of explaining to do.

I was hoping to be done with Don Imus. I wanted to be, but we're not. This morning, he turned his attention to Pacman Jones, who, like many Rutgers women's basketball players, is black and has tattoos. The following conversation took place on Imus's radio show earlier today:

Other Guy: “Defensive back Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, recently signed by the Cowboys ... here’s a guy suspended all of 2007 following a shooting in a Vegas night club.”

Don Imus
: “Well, stuff happens. You’re in a night club, for God’s sake. What do you think’s gonna happen in a night club? People are drinking, they’re doing drugs, there are women there, and people have guns. So there, go ahead.”

Other Guy: “He’s also been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005.”

Don Imus: “What color is he?”

Other Guy: “He’s African-American.”

Don Imus: “Oh, well, there you go. Now we know.”

You can listen to it for yourself here (be careful if you're at work or around people with sensitive ears, though, as there's a bit of profanity thrown in at the end of the clip):

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Now, admittedly, I'm the wrong guy to give any sort of context on Imus's comments. I've never heard his show and I'm probably never going to, but I'll entertain the possibility that Imus has turned over a new leaf and is now completely sensitive to the challenges faced by black people in America.

So I can't be 100% sure what Imus meant. Maybe he meant that Pacman's status as an African-American would explain him being a criminally-inclined fellow. Or, in a possibility raised by some of the readers at Pro Football Talk, it could be that he meant that Pacman's status as an African-American means that he's often unfairly targeted by police.

I don't know. I can't include myself in the "we" he references when he says, "now we know," because no, Don, I don't know. And it's a shame that no one else on the show thought to ask him exactly what it was that we now know, either.

I didn't even know that the presence of women at nightclubs made them dangerous places, nor did I know that guns were present at every nightclub in America, so I'm definitely the wrong guy to ask.

I would think that an explanation is forthcoming. His co-hosts might not do it, but someone's going to ask Don Imus about this.

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