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He may be "Rudy", "The Great White Hope", and "The Sawed-Off Wes Welker(notes)" all wrapped up in one gritty, gutsy little package to the New England faithful when he's in uniform and on the field, but Patriots runner/receiver Danny Woodhead(notes) needs a little help with facial recognition when dealing with the same fans who cheer his exploits every Sunday.

In a recent YouTube video, Woodhead (employee name "Dan") pranked customers at a Modell's Sporting Goods in Patriotland by donning a sales clerk uniform and helping customers with their purchases -- especially those purchases that included Woodhead replica jerseys -- which, you might assume, are outselling BenJarvus Green-Ellis(notes) replicas at a very high rate.

Woodhead starts off by trying to push his own replicas (the burn from one potential customer: "Too small!") and is momentarily recognized by at least one female customer before Woodhead convinces her that he's not the guy. In the end, Woodhead sold seven jerseys and seven T-shirts in one hour, despite the fact that he seemed to get mixed reviews for his customer service near the end of the piece.

That's still a pretty big haul for one hour, though. If the whole CBA discussion falls through and Woodhead is without a job in 2011, he's probably got a job at Modell's if he can diversify and try to sell some Tom Brady(notes) gear as well...

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