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I'm not usually one for the weekly "cheapshot" retrospectives, but in this case, well, even Notre Dame fans can't muster the effort to defend defensive end Kerry Neal's jig on Navy slotback John Howell's chest during Saturday's humiliating Navy romp in the Meadowlands:

Neal is listed at 6-foot-2, 244 pounds, Howell at 5-8, 180. I'm sure the young serviceman was merely inquiring about Neal's family after the play.

Since there's no conference watchdog to impose its own standards, Notre Dame is left to police itself; Brian Kelly's initial reaction on whether there's anything on the tape to respond to: "We don't believe so." When/if discipline does come down, expect it to be accompanied (by the online Irish brigade, anyway) by a few reminders of the blindside low blow Navy receiver Nick Henderson landed against Irish cornerback Robert Blanton last year in South Bend, which went unpunished save for an entertaining scolding by then-Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown:

To which Navy can reply with the cheapest shot in the book: Scoreboard. Ah, the dance of outrage.

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