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Texas Tech 41, Oklahoma 13. You could see a rough season on the horizon for Oklahoma from the beginning, when All-America tight end Jermaine Gresham went down with a season-ending injury days before the opener with BYU, the rebuilt offensive line went starting a converted tight end at center and the franchise, Sam Bradford, didn't make it out of the first half before being stricken with the shoulder injury that effectively ended his college career. The seeds of the Sooners' demise were obvious enough, and the notion of matching the absurd heights of the record-breaking 2008 offense was probably folly to begin with, even if they were completely healthy.

But there was no way to predict just how low this season would sink -- with the lopsided loss in Lubbock, this is the reality for Oklahoma:

The OU offense has been held below 2008's regular season low of 35 points on six different occasions, including all but one game outside of Norman (at Kansas, a 35-13 win). It's also been held below 400 total yards on six different occasions after hitting at least 436 yards in every regular season game in '08.

Today was the third game in 11 in which the Sooners scored a single touchdown, not including the 10-3 loss at Nebraska two weeks ago, in which they scored none.

Landry Jones' 13th interception on the season (most in the Big 12) gives him seven picks in the last three games, just one fewer than Bradford accumulated in either of the last two full seasons.

The Sooners have one win over a team with a winning record, 42-30 over Kansas State, and are 1-5 on the road.

The Red Raiders, 65-21 last year in Norman, are the second team in three weeks (along with Nebraska) to knock off OU after losing last year by more than 30 points.

That should be painful enough for Oklahoma partisans, so we'll skip for now one of the single worst afternoons ever turned in by a Bob Stoops defense -- Tech ran up 41 points and 548 yards against a Sooner D that ranked in the top 10 nationally in every major statistical category coming in -- for the real gut punch of the day: Oklahoma's fifth loss matches Stoops' first year in 1999 as the worst season in his tenure at OU, with Oklahoma State coming into Norman next week as a probable favorite to drop the Sooners to 6-6. The only silver lining at this point is that they can plausibly chalk this season's sobering slide up to a rebuilding year -- or at least they hope they can, because Stoops doesn't have another three seasons to wait on Landry Jones to finally lead a win over a decent team on the road.

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