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Landry Jones’ truck was a victim of tire-jacking

** UPDATE ** Apparently, this was not a prank as originally thought. The Oklahoman, which originally blogged about the story, is now reporting that Jones' tires were really stolen Tuesday morning and that he had to purchase new ones Wednesday morning. Reporter Travis Haney said he mistakenly took the picture, Jones' tweet and tweet by teammate Tom Wort (all found below) to mean that Jones had been the victim of a prank, but a OU teammate told Haney Wednesday afternoon that Jones had really been jacked. As of this posting, the culprit has not been found.


Landry Jones was the victim of a tire-jacking Tuesday. Or just a really good prank.

Jones, Oklahoma's star quarterback, went out to his truck Tuesday afternoon to find that his tires were gone and his ride had been placed on cinder blocks. Jones even went to Twitter asking for help: "Can anyone find my tires?"

What may have initially seemed like a crime was likely a prank masterminded by linebacker Tom Wort, who early in the morning made fun of Jones' truck via Twitter hours before Jones posted the picture.

Landry Jones’ truck was a victim of tire-jacking

Somehow, even without tires, Jones still managed to get to practice.

It's good to know that Oklahoma, which plays Baylor this weekend, isn't spending too much time taking itself too seriously, especially now that it's back in the national championship hunt.

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