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Liberté, egalité, cash moné. Cal-Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau confirmed for an alumni group in Massachusetts Monday night that Pac-10 presidents and chancellors will be meeting in San Francisco this Saturday, and the he would be "surprised if something did not happen that revolutionized college athletics." That could mean a couple things, most likely the formation of a Pac-10 television network or an attempt to add a pair of new members – the conference is considering "a couple schools," Birgeneau said, "at least one of which meets the academic standards of the rest of the Pac-10." And at least one of which apparently does not.

Cal will be behind anything that increases revenue: The university expects to lose upwards of $5 million in the temporary move to San Francisco's AT&T Park in 2011. [Bear Territory]

On Bush verdict, "book it." Echoing a weekend report by ESPN, Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson tweeted Monday that "the wait is over" in the NCAA's epic, four-year investigation into Reggie Bush's final two seasons at USC: Its findings (and any applicable sanctions) should be in "by the end of this week" – i.e. on Friday. Robinson is one of the two Yahoo! reporters who initially broke the Bush scandal in 2006 and has continued to report on new developments throughout the investigation and accompanying legal wrangling, and may be more qualified than anyone in the media to say "book it" about anything in this strange, winding case. [Twitter]

It's quality control, not quantity control. The Columbus Dispatch, examining the unintended consequences of ballooning staff sizes in the wake of the recent NCAA violations at Michigan, notes that Ohio State's staff size has grown by 81 percent in 10 years, from 27 coaches and staffers in John Cooper's last season (2000) to 49 in the latest spring media guide. Though the NCAA has strict limits on the number of assistant coaches a school can hire, there's no limit on the number of "quality-control" staffers, which is where the Buckeyes' staff (like many others) has grown, and the Wolverines ultimately ran into trouble. [Columbus Dispatch]

Lone star plan. Legendary Georgia coach/athletic director Vince Dooley adds to the lore of the SEC's original expansion effort in the early nineties, telling the USA Today's Florida branch that "it was a goal" to add Texas and Texas A&M at the time (as more than a few people think it should be again). In Dooley's account, A&M "showed the most interest," but the move was derailed by politics. Former commissioner Roy Kramer remembers it slightly differently. [USA Today]

Quickly ... Former Michigan athletic Bill Martin has had to break a few old habits in his new role on campus. ... Matt Barkley is feeling a little mousey. ... And Rich Rodriguez is a fisher of men, or ... well, he's fishing for something at least.

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Thanks also to an anonymous Cal alum in attendance at Robert Birgeneau's presentation.
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